Ye Olde London

I just love the look of this post card. A colleague at work brought in a whole bag of them for me to look through.

The brilliant colours, which seem to be hand painted, give the whole image a somewhat naive look. It just harks to another time – a simpler, less complex existence.

I have more where this one came from.

3 responses to “Ye Olde London

  • stephanie

    i, too, love the photo on the postcard. it makes me happy. there is just enough busyness going on…activity with peoples. and the colors are bright and primary sort of …..almost. life just happening….and still seemingly iinocent.

    i have a friend who has collected many postcards and does readings off them. it’s pretty fun. one asks a question and then elects a card and he gives them info relating to the question, their life from the image on the card. it’s wonderful how many ways an image can be interpreted. this friend travels in sweden and europe doing this in a healing format.

    have fun with your bag of cards!

  • soxyfleming

    Years ago someone sent me one of these that was a very large size…I found it recently and couldn’t believe the writing that was on the back! I guess that is why we keep these little snapshots…
    I’m sure redbubblers can help you out with extra material for your page if you start to flag! (I’d help!)

  • Rebecca

    Wonderful image to start your blog with Melanie! I found a whole big album of old 1960’s 70’s European and British postcards in an op shop last year for $5! Needless to say, I bought it.

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