Latest Book Making Activities

Little Black Book

Little Black Book

I’ve been hard at work practising various different binding styles. I’m really enjoying collecting different papers – there are some great paper suppliers in Melbourne and I have even gone as far afield as the UK to get some of them. I’m off to Thailand next month for a work visit and have already located the paper supply shops in Chiang Mai (thanks to a colleague in Thailand) so have a few spare days to search out some mulberry paper. Who knows what else I will find along the way?

‘Little Black Book’ – this is a very basic book of two sections sewn together, then affixed into the book with some black cord. The cover is black mulberry paper with embellishments in the form of a wax seal and a reproduction French postmark sticker. I think the tassel is too big for this one, but you get the gist of it all. It is small – 90mm x 95mm.

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