Latest Books – ‘Francais’ and ‘Birdy’

I’m very excited about my latest books.

One uses  some of the French paper I wrote about last month. I still have heaps of that paper left – enough to make maybe another 5-6 A5 books.

This one I will call Francais, in honour of its heritage. It is A5 (roughly), hollow back spine, sewn sections. The paper for the end pages is called ‘silk’ and is highly textured and a vivid red colour. The pages are of a creamy artist’s paper – can’t remember where i got it. It’s around 120gsm, so thicker than the paper I would usually make sections from.

The second book is called ‘Birdy’. It represents my first foray into leather, and only in a basic form. The leather is goat skin and is a remnant left over from a hand made book commissioned by me from Lauren Simonutti (see my links for her details). Lauren sent me the leftover goat skin with the intention that I would incorporate it into one of my books.

The end pages are from a shop called Zetta Florence, in Melbourne, where you can buy all sorts of lovely, high quality papers, archival materials, cards, etc. The pages are Fabriano paper from Italy. It comes in an A4 sheet, already creased down the middle with deckled edge all around. The sheets are sewn in as single sheet sections and there are 10 sections of 4 pages each, in total. The cover is goat skin, glued on.

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