End of Summer

My parents live by the coast. It is a wonderful place for exploring with long beaches to walk along, miles and miles of rock pools to explore, and many exciting channels and large rock pools to snorkel in.

We dive for abalone (in season of course), and collect interesting shells and sculptural pieces of fossilised wood. There are shipwreck parts to discover and miles and miles of dunes to roam across. In amongst the tea tree forest it is quite dense and very much like something from ‘Lord of the Rings’.

We often see stingrays in the channels – they come in on the turning tide to feed. They are quite curious and will sometimes come to see what the humans are doing. We always stay a safe distance from them, as you never know how any wild animal will react if startled. Some of them are as big as a queen sized bed. They are graceful and gentle.

Below the surface of the water is another world. Lots of colourful fish dart around, and the rocks are teeming with lots of sea grasses and other underwater flora.

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