Busy Bee

Here are some of the things I HAVE made over the past few months. I still wear my Napoleon necklace most of all (see earlier topic) but the others get a good run as well. One thing you can see there, which I have not made, is an antique French bracelet, which has a number of detailed filigree silver panels, featuring the ermine and other symbols of French royalty. He is a delightful little creature and so hard to find in jewelry.


I just love that I can make jewelry and get exactly what I like. It is especially satisfying to take something once loved and treasured by someone else and re-purpose it into something loved and treasured sometimes 100s of years later.

I’m very pleased with what I have done with this reliquary pendant. Normally these pendants have relics inside, made by nuns and often 50-100 years old. This reliquary case came to me empty, so I put a lovely old shell cameo inside.

Shell Cameo Relic Necklace

Shell Cameo Relic Necklace

Here is another necklace, this time with the most amazing photo locket. Most book lockets are souvenirs from places like Paris or from a religious site. This one has pictures of the family of Napoleon III, the first prime minister of France. One of the pics shows Napoleon’s tomb and the other shows Napoleon III dressed up as Napoleon Bonaparte. Quite a rare treasure. I believe it dates to the mid 1800s.

Napoleon Picture Locket Necklace

Napoleon Necklace

Napoleon Necklace

And a few more things.

Oh, what to wear?

Oh, what to wear?

I often wonder if someone said to me: “Melanie, would you like one diamond necklace, or the equivalent value to buy treasures like these?”

There is no question about the answer.

Bugger the diamonds!

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