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I have been ogling this lot of treasures for many weeks now. I bought this natty little French jewelry box, which I loaned to Mia for some shots of the goodies for her online shop. But it’s back home now, and has been filled with things made and yet to be made.




In particular there are some really special things that I will use. Not special in that they are really expensive, but personal, individual things, usually made by someone else.

Such as this Joan of Arc pendant. It’s an old photo locket, with a tiny Joan of Arc on Horseback medal inside, and some dried foliage. I expect this was from someone’s pilgrimmage to Orelans or somewhere else to do with Joan of Arc, and they collected the little bit of a tree or shrub and made their own relic.Joan of Arc Locket

Or this delightful Napoleon mirror locket. Sadly, the front has broken off so it no longer slides. If I can’t repair it I will have to glue the lid on and not use the mirror. I love the little bees on the front.



The real treasure and something very heard to find is this Joan of Arc purse locket. Inside it has a little fold out story of the life of Joan of Arc. It will be transformed to be the centrepiece of a necklace, once I think up a design.

Joan of Arc Purse Locket

Joan of Arc Purse Locket

Here is a divine medal which has a horse and carriage on the front and a bee hive with lots of buzzing bees on the back.




Of course anyone who knows me knows why I like bees, since I have one permanently on my wrist.

Busy Bee

Busy Bee

Here is a very simple but somehow very appealing medal from the 1931 exposition in Paris. It will be a nice centrepiece of a necklace I think.


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