New Treasures

Here are some new treasures for my personal collection.

The first is so special. It is a mariage medal minted in 1770 to commemorate the mariage of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. It is solid silver and very highly detailed.

What makes it even more special, which you can’t see in the photos, is it was re-used as a mariage medal in 1790 by another couple.

So when this other couple used it for their wedding, it was after the French Revolution and I suspect they were loyal to the royal family, hence using the medal for their own celebrations.

It’s also a nice little snapshot to show that during such a turbulent and historic time in French history, people were still carrying on with life as usual.

The other treasures are two Georgian mourning lockets dating to about 1760, so a similar era. I believe the lockets are English. I made one into a necklace, and am thinking about what to do with the other one. They are so sweet, with delightful pictures hand painted onto ivory.

The other necklace I made for myself uses an unusual mariage medal, which is hexagonal, solid silver, with delightful little cherubs dancing across one face. It was minted for the Duc d’Aumale, which is apparently from the 18th century, but I have not done enough research. When I do I will write a bit more about him.

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