China: A Riot of Colour

I’ve been looking through some old photos of mine and found some from when I went to China a few years ago. I was really impressed with the country. Expecting chaos and over-crowding I never felt that way when there. Everything is very orderly and clean and tidy. I guess there has to be that level of order and control when you have so many billion people living in the country.

I had many food adventures, and some misadventures including some fried up gristley miscellaneous meat on a skewer. I was feeling adventurous and joined a long queue waiting for a street snack which looked and smelled nice. I paid my dollar or whatever it was for the skewers and tucked in, standing in the street with everyone else. Very quickly I knew it was not a meal I wanted to finish, so I casually walked to a nearby alley, spat out what was in my mouth and flicked my skewers into a dark corner (it was night time). They were set upon immediately by a family of local cats, who seemed to enjoy them immensely.

Another pleasant experience was sitting in a public park (not on the grass as this is not allowed, and watching all these old men bring out their pet birds. The birds were in their cages and the cages were hung from trees and poles. Thing is, the park and the trees were right next to a high, very busy intersection and 5 lane highway. It was somewhat incongruous, these dainty little birds out for a bit of air, with cars, trucks and motobiks whizzing by only a few feet away.

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