Antique French Book Locket ‘Barbe Bleue’

I was stoked to find these delightful and quite rare book lockets.  One is in a typical Art Nouveau design, and in the style of a dance card, with a little ‘pencil’ keeping it closed. Inside are pictures showing the story of Blue Beard. You see a lot of postcards or book lockets done in this way – with people acting out the story. The other is a Joan of Arc mini book. It’s too big to be a book locket and it is instead a very high quality booklet.

I love them both, and just like to look at them, and wonder how they came to be. Did someone sit around having a pow wow session deciding which stories would be told in the 1903 season for book lockets? They took some planning, what with the photos being staged, the little strips being printed, and lockets being assembled. Who bought them? Were they some sort of promotional item, or was Blue Beard the book du jour and to have a book locket like this showed how trendy you were. I wonder what it looked like when it was brand new?

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