Bruny Island: Splendid Isolation (a.k.a. Heaven)

If I had the money and the opportunity I would pack up everything I own and move to Bruny Island. I’ve travelled an awful lot, both in Australia and around the world, and there has never been a place where at each turn in the road I have gasped and gone ‘wow, that’s so beautiful’.

A short ferry trip from the mainland of Tasmania brings you to Bruny Island. The first thought that came to mind as I drove around Bruny was ‘splendid isolation’. Now, isolation is not everyone’s ideal holiday, but for me it was perfect. We rented a lovely home which jutted out from the hillside towards the ocean. We woke each morning to the shimmering water views, watching birds diving and boats zipping through the channel. Sheep grazed all around the property, and occasionally one was seen running along the road, not sure what he was doing there but going for it nonetheless.

Bruny is home to the best cheese I have ever tasted. And that’s saying something for someone who used to live in France and has been a cheese afficianado for well over 10 years. I intend to join their cheese club, but in the meantime you can read more about Bruny Island cheeses at:

We visited the lighthouse, the most southerly in Australia and built in 1834 by convicts. We stopped by at ‘Get Shucked’ and bought some freshly farmed oysters. We drove around the entire island, then across it, marvelling at the views which never dissapointed. We had a wicked storm one night, with 100 mile per hour winds, but it passed by morning and everything was clean and fresh and the sun came out.

There is a lot of early seafaring/explorer history at Bruny Island, some wonderful nature walks and a glorious coastline to explore by boat and by foot. We hope to return again in summer, this time for a few weeks, not just a few nights. Who knows; maybe if I win the lotto I wil go there and just won’t come back.

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