Weekend in Sydney

We spent last weekend in Sydney. The reason for going was to attend the Christening of Mark’s business partner’s baby son, which was on the Sunday. We enjoyed a great Italian luncheon; it was one of those meals where just when you think you’ve had a the last course, out comes another one. Their family and friends are always so gracious and welcoming to us – it was a really lovely day.

We decided to go up on the Friday night and make a weekend of it. We stayed at Coogee, as we usually do. We did the Coogee to Bondi coast walk, which was great, and even Aaron did it. We thought it was an achievement for a 14 year old boy to complete the walk. By the end he was so ready for it to be over he ran most of the way back!

Coastal Pool

Coastal Pool

The walk takes you along the coast and through a number of small beach villages. It was a warm and sunny day, clear blue skies (something we’ve not seen in Melbourne for a while). We staretd off early, around 9am, after a breakfast from our favourite healthy brekky place.  You could do the walk there and back in 2 hours, but we took 4 hours, stopping along the way to take photos and enjoy the good weather.

Tamaramma Surf Life Saving Club

Tamaramma Surf Life Saving Club

I have to say though, as nice as the walk was, I still would not live in Sydney. So many overseas visitors only go to Sydney, and I just can’t believe that they miss so much more that the country has to offer.

A beach along the coastal walk

A beach along the coastal walk

Nothing beats Bruny Island, in my opinion, but there is so much to see in this country you really need to spend a few months (or years) travelling the whole country. I did that in 1990 – taking 6 months to drive around most of the country. I still haven’t been through most of the centre of the country, but have covered most of the coastline. But there is still soooooo much more to see. Top of my list is to sail the south west coast of Tasmania and also sail the north west Kimberly coast. I love sailing and would be very happy spending weeks on a yacht or cruiser seeing remote and uninhabited places.

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach

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