New Jewelry Collection on Etsy: Les Breloques

I’ve designed a new range of necklaces called ‘Les Breloques’. They are a series of charm necklaces, where the buyer can purchase the basic necklace, which is designed to have charms attached to it. The charms attach either onto a decorative focal piece (such as an antique brooch) or onto a chain with a ring.

Basic necklaces are made from vintage, antique and unusual chains, as well as antique rosaries. The charms are made from a selection of pieces, whether it’s an old Joan of Arc medal, an old fob watch chain, a book locket, a south sea pearl, a large sapphire gemstone…you can choose which ones you like and combine them on one necklace.

I’ve designed the focal charms across a price range from very affordable to more expensive for rare items like book lockets or old medals and coins. Most of the charms are one-off, so not only can the customer make up their own necklace, they can make it from rare items that they will not see anywhere else.

In French the word ‘breloque’ refers to ‘charms’, as in the type you put on a bracelet or necklace.

I also intend to expand the range into bracelets, but one thing at a time 😉

Below are some pics from the collection, but the entire range can be seen at

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