My Workspace

I was emailing a friend the other day and she said she imagines my workspace when I make jewelry is as exotic and romantic as the items I uses in my creations.

I said in fact it is the complete opposite. I work on a granite kitchen benchtop. We have an open kitchen/lounge area, so I can stand in the kitchen to work, and watch TV and also socialise with whoever is in the lounge at the time.

I don’t have a studio. In my old house I had a large study which was lined with bookcases, and I had all my treasures around me. Now they are all packed away.

I keep my supplies in clear jewelry trays, which have sliding lids. They are perfect as I can see everything I have. I have four of them. When I pack all my stuff away it lives in a large wheelie crafting bag – like a fat square suitcase on wheels.

Upstairs in the study there is more of my stuff – a supply of paper for book making, boxes of other treasures for mixed media work, in my bedside drawers are my precious antique pictures. I have stuff everywhere.

One of my most precious resources is my portable hard drive filled with photos and old image scans, textures, paper scans….a huge library of inspiration. Then there’s my Macbook Pro, which I only bought recently but which is so fast when I use programs like Photoshop, and also for browsing the internet.

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