Hello from Kuala Lumpur!

I’m in Malaysia at the moment. A short trip where I’ve been asked to present at a marketing conference. I’ve been working on my presentation for weeks: ‘effective creative development for direct marketing campaigns’ – luckily I have to talk on the creative development, and not the data base or statistical side of things.

I was out wandering around Kuala Lumpur today and found, surprise, surprise, a bead shop selling gemstones, So I bought five strands, including one of pearls, all for $50AU.



I also found my fave hair product (a.k.a. hair controller) for half the price at home. I went back after the initial visit and bought more.

So I got here this morning, went to breakfast (noodles with chicken and bead curd, dahl and Indian bread), went shopping, had a sleep, went to Chinatown, bought gemstones, had lunch at a hawker market, went to hotel, did some emails, went to the gym, ran and lifted weights, had a swin, went shopping again, went to dinner, came back and called home.

I’m taking another week off work after Malaysia as Lauren is coming to Australia for a photographic exhibition – she’s one of the keynote exhibitors and will have quite a lot of her work on display. Can’t wait to see it. We’ll be hanging out and touring around the sites and thrills of Melbourne.

One response to “Hello from Kuala Lumpur!

  • Tami Hichman

    Hi Girlie,
    I love, love your Bolg! I didn’t know you were a jewelry designer too. Your jewelry is beautiful!!!Thank you for sending a shout out to my blog and my etsy store, your a doll.
    enjoy the rest of your trip.

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