Some New Treasures: Going Goth

I’ve been coveting some lovely old pieces for a long time: a shell cameo whitby jet mourning brooch, a silver brooch with a cherub holding a skull, a beautiful hand painted paste portrait brooch and some old love tokens. After looking at them for a while I came up with these pieces:

Whitby Jet Mourning Necklace – using silver rosary chain, pearls and onyx and some silver bead caps. The clasp is a lovely old single strand rhinestone clasp and I added some cranberry freshwater pearls which are the only colour on this piece.

Silver Cupid Mourning Necklace – a very simple piece with antique jonquil crystal connectors, my own cherub connectors and antique French silver chain. The clasp is a simple Victorian silver clasp.

I like to wear these two together.

The third piece is a silver breloques necklace, which I just adore. I’ve used the same chain as on the cupid necklace, and included many elements from different eras which work really well together: antique crystal connector from a flapper necklace, antique silver fob swivel clasp, paste connectors, love tokens (‘M’ for my first name and ‘Belle’ for my nickname ‘Bella’), tiny religious key pendant, green and white paste framed hand painted portrait brooch (de-brooched). The charms hang from a paste centrepiece from an old necklace.

Siiiigh – It was a productive past week, being home alone since Mark was working in New Zealand, able to come home from work and go straight to my trays of treasures and gems. I fiddle, lay things out, move things around, then voila!

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