Tresors: My Georgian Era Jewelry

I have a small but special collection of Georgian jewelry. The Georgian era ran from 1714-1811 (though different dates are used by some people to describe later pieces as ‘Georgian) and jewelry and decorative arts from that time was very elegant, but not, in my opinion, gaudy, sombre or flashy. I particularly like mourning jewelry from that time, and most of what I own is in some form, a piece of memorial jewelry to commemorate a loved one who has died.

This paste and silver locket would probably have had a small portrait or painting, usually on ivory, inserted inside, and also a lock of hair or some other memento of the loved one. The picture I have inside is a reproduction but I hope to find something from the era to put in there. This locket dates to 1790.

Georgian Pendant Locket

Georgian Pendant Locket

Georgian Pendant reverse
Georgian Pendant reverseMourning Pendant
Some Georgian Jewels

Some Georgian Jewels

The other reason why Georgian jewelry appeals is because it was handmade. It simply looks more special because each piece has a sense of uniqueness about it not seen with later mass-production pieces.
My most favoured pieces are the lockets and pendants with little paintings inside. Often these paintings were made on ivory and often contained strands of hair in the artwork – whether it was the branch of a tree or a spray of flowers. What a great way to commemorate someone you love?

2 responses to “Tresors: My Georgian Era Jewelry

  • holly

    oh. my word….when you say G era, does that refer, silly me i know, to the era of the duchess georgina? if correct, i fell head over heels for the movie “The duchess” with kira knightly? im i even close? =)

  • Melanie Dooley

    Yes m’dear, you are exactly right. I too love that film, and the costume and jewelry portrayed is very accurate.

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