Chateau Yering Farmer’s Market

The Chateau Yering farmer’s market was held yesterday, and we happened upon it quite by chance, but decided to pull in and follow the crowds to see what the attraction was. I’m so glad we did – not only did we find tasty local produce to sample and buy, but we saw some fantastic artworks and wonderful views. Chateau Yering is only half an hour from home, in the Yarra Valley, a renowned wine region and nice place for a Sunday drive.

Yering Station is one of Victoria’s oldest wineries and is now a luxury complex incorporating the winery, a Relais and Chateaux hotel, beautiful gardens and the art installations. We had some freshly prepared bruschetta with home-cured olives and nibbles on pates, jams and pestos while we wandered through the produce hall. We also stopped in at the Yarra Valley Dairy on the way home to buy some goat cheese and terrines for our Sunday supper.


I was so thrilled to find this amazingly wacky, delightful, whimsical mechanical sculpture. It is set into an old bedside drawer, and these little antique bisque dolls and animals spin around on their mechanical contraptions. It’s difficult to describe – you can look from the outside, or peer inside at a little carnival of creatures having a wow of a time. The whole piece was for sale for around $9,000 – I must say, I would not have to think twice if I had a spare $9K…it would be installed in my loungeroom in no time.

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