New Listings at L’Atelier Talaru

I had a weekend to myself for creating and designing. Mark is working in New Zealand for the next few weeks, so I made the most of the time alone to finish up some treasures which have been in progress for the past week or so. It’s also been deathly hot, as the first heat before summer always is, and I wanted to stay inside in the shade rather than racing around in the sun.
Georgian Sparkle 1

Georgian Sparkle Necklace

Georgian Sparkle is a necklace made from very old Georgian and Victorian pieces. The oldest component dates to the 1700s – it’s the exact sort of piece I love to make. It has a paste mourning brooch, a little pansy seal fob, a compass and silver tassel.

Georgian Sparkle 2

Georgian Sparkle Necklace: Charms

The chain is wonderful old antique French watch chain, which comes in some amazingly intricate designs – so much better than what you can find today.

Georgian Sparkle

Chain used in Georgian Sparkle

As well I listed one of my best ever favourite Joan of Arc necklaces. It’s a double strand with two really unique Joan medals. It took ages to make with lots of construction time. The result shows, I really love it.

Joan Prays

Then there’s this sweet bracelet, which has inside a tintype picture of a beautiful lady. The locket is really amazing and I never knew such lockets existed for braclets before. It’s nice to be able to turn it into something lovely for someone to wear today.

Belle's Bracelet

Belle's Bracelet

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