Une Nuit à L’Opéra

A continuation of the story from ‘Par Avion’ …Armand told me nothing. His apprentice had played the music sent by Gabriel, and in the notes he heard the message. His demeanor was serious, but efficient. The apprentice penned a message for Gabriel, and placed it into an old envelope. I took a carriage to Paris, the envelope resting safely in the secret pocket inside my jacket.

The carriage arrived at l’Opera.

I went inside. The air was electric. There were many people, dressed fine and fancy – wigs and silk and ribbon and lace. Perfumes and pomaded, powdered and preened. Music drifted through the air. Music everywhere.  Someone I don’t know saw me enter and guided me to a door off to the side. I went in.

There was a soiree in progress – lots of beautiful people, dancing and singing. I felt a sense of magic. Things were happening such as I had never seen before – beautiful voices, ladies dancing lightly, like fairies flying. Watching it all was a person I knew right away to be Gabriel. But I was wrong, it was not Gabriel but Gabrielle – a woman.

I handed Gabrielle the letter. She invited meto stay. I was to return to Armand with a message, but in the meantime I was to be her guest and enjoy the evening.

I watched the entertainment, wondering all the time, who was Gabrielle? Why all the secrecy?

<Mixed Media artwork, concept and story (c) 2009 Melanie Dooley>

** This artwork has been sold, but you can find more at my Etsy shop ‘L’Atelier de Talaru’

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