Anthony the Magpie

Last weekend it was my step-mother’s birthday and we went to a local art gallery, which doubles as a cafe. When there we met Anthony the magpie. The magpie is a native Australian bird with the most divine call you have ever heard from a bird.

The baby birds often fall from their nests, and this seems to be what happened to Anthony. The cafe owner found Anthony on the road and took him in to care for him.

He must have been hit by a car or suffered damage from a fall from the nest. He can’t walk on his legs and can’t fly but hops in a haphazard fashion. Whenever the cafe owner left Anthony would call and squeak till he came back.

Till we got there he had not eaten but my step mother (who is American) knew how to feed a baby magpie. So we got Anthony to eat some minced beef.

I’m not sure how Anthony is doing. The prognosis for native birds is not great but there is a support line you can call to learn how to look after them.

Here are some pics of Anthony. Plus a few others from around that weekend.

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