Georgian Swan Neck Clasp and New Treasures Pour Moi

I bought this beautiful Georgian-era (late 1700s) swan neck S clasp some time ago and had it cast in silver and bronze for use in my designs. I don’t plan to sell the clasp on Etsy, but will sell designs which have the clasp in the design. I also had cast a Victorian hook clasp – I’d been after something like that for a while and finally found one I would be happy to use. The original comes from a Victorian pocket watch chain. The two necklaces shown in the pics below show how I’ve used it in my own personal jewelry. I love them both and can’t wait to start creating with them.

One necklace uses a Victorian Whitby Jet mourning brooch, de-brooched and worked into a necklace with the use of some mother of pearl rosary beads – I like the contrast between the black jet and the white MOP.

 The other necklace is  a simple design using antique French pocket watch chain and a silver Georgian (mid-1700s) seal. I wear this one layered with other simple necklaces.

One response to “Georgian Swan Neck Clasp and New Treasures Pour Moi

  • Danette

    I have been waiting with bated breath for the re-opening of your shop! It looks great! I have never seen such a proliferate stock of antique treasures as what has traveled through your La Comtesse de Talaru shop. How do you do so much with your shop if you have a full time job??

    p.s. I love your new castings.

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