In Sth Africa one night then whisked away to…

…Langebaan, on the north west coast. If we kept driving we would end up in Namibia.

The weather is really nice – mid 20s, mild, sunny, a slight breeze. I had no idea what I would eat in SA but have not been dissappointed – really lovely fresh, modern food. Below is a pic of my breakfast of choice, known locally as ‘Health Breakfast’. Plenty of seafood to eat, pics of crayfish we cooked are below. We got 7 of them for less than $50. The food is really really cheap and gooooood. We typically eat out for four and lunch is around $50 for all of us, dinner only a little bit more. And we’re talking fresh seafood, large serves, including wine. One great place we had lunch was ‘The Noisy Oyster’ in Pater Noster – fresh oysters, fish, goat cheese salads, sooo nice.

The landscape here on the north west coast is a bit barren, but the beaches are beautiful with fine, white sand.

Having a great time with Norman, Mark’s dad. We go back to Capetown this afternoon (Xmas eve) after 3 nights here. Hopefully we will get time to see something of Capetown in the coming week. For now, some photos of our first few days.

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