Back in Capetown

We came back to Capetown after 3 days at Langebaan. It was Christmas Eve and we had a nice dinner. We only arrived back at about 5pm so there was no time to go visiting or sightseeing. Christmas Day started with a breakfast at the front of the house, which is completely paved and we sat at the table under a grape arbour.

After brekky we took the car and went driving towards Camps Bay. I thought it would be like home, with nobody on the roads, but there were people everywhere. It must be because Capetown is such a tourist place that there were lots of foreigners out and about. The coastline is spectacular – I thought the Great Ocean Road was fantastic – this coastline at least rivals our local coast road.

We had fish and chips for Christmas lunch at Fish Hoek, a little seaside village. We saw some seals playing around in the water – the locals didn’t take a 2nd glance but I managed to get a few shots.

We drove to Chapman’s Peak, then headed back. Mark took a migrane so I drove, with Mark and Aaron asleep. What fun! 😉

That evening we had our true Christmas celebration with Mark’s dad, his partner Sandra, her son and family. Presents, food, drink – just  what I am used to at home.

For Boxing Day we went to the Victoria & Albert Wharf, which is a huge complex of restaurants, shops and tourist activites. We had lunch, wandered the shops and went on a jet boat ride.

We had guests that night and it was a great evening – one of the couples has loaned us their Mercedes as we could not find a rental car other than a Combi Van, which would not be practical. It’s a big tank of a car but it’s nice to have our own vehicle.

Today (27th) we drove to Franchoek, which is the major wine producing region is SA. The village itself is very pretty but the mountains are the most spectacular I have ever seen. We visited one winery which dates to the late 1600s. It was very nice, but I have it say it was not better or worse than what we have at home, just different. We stopped at a lookout and saw baboons – two managed to get into some of the parked cars and steal sweets. They’re so quick.

Tomorrow we plan to go up Table Mountain, which is basically at our back doorstep – we’re in a suburb called Rondebosch, which is in the foothills. We have a few other chores to complete before going back to Langebaan for NYE. After that…we have no plans.

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