Judy Wilkenfeld Book Making Class

Well, not your traditional book, it’s a book with a difference. Actually, to call it a book would diminish what this class was all about. It was about creating an heirloom work of art to tell a story important to each creator – whether it was a story about their own family, that of a friend, or just a story made up (as is the case with mine).

I spent two days with some wonderful ladies under the tutelage of book and mixed media maestro, artist Judy Wilkenfeld. We learned how to make an art book using photographs, papers, fabrics, metal bits, and lots of other ‘stuff’. Judy taught her techniques for aging paper, fabric and metals to produce an ‘age-worn-much-loved’ look. I won’t go into the techniques as they are Judy’s ideas and you have to do one of her classes to learn her secrets – let me say it is worth every minute and every penny.

It was such an inspirational experience, and I am chuffed with what I came up with in the end. The class time was not long enough to finish the book, and I have been busily beavering away since the class to add my final pages on. I can’t actually see the kitchen bench at the moment with my ephemera, fabric, ribbons and photos strewn everywhere, but it’s worth the mess to produce something so unique.

The attached photos show the finished product – make sure you read the photo text to understand what is on each page.

Thank you Judy, and to the lovely ladies from the class, for a delightful experience.

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One response to “Judy Wilkenfeld Book Making Class

  • Danette Darbonne

    Dear Comtesse,
    Your creative endeavors are awe inspiring. In the glamorous USA we often say “you go girl!” I love your beautiful book. Someone special to me just gave me some antique books. I think I’ll post them on my blog tomorrow.

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