Flea Markets and Lots of Walking

I think I must have walked for the equivalent of a whole day. Walking, walking, walking. Which is just as well because I’ve also been eating eating eating and drinking drinking drinking. Yesterday I sat in the same cafe for three hours…eating cheese and drinking rose. But my jeans still fit, and in fact I think I need a belt.

The flea markets were great. I found some really nice things, some of which are shown below. One mother of pearl rosary I bought has the biggest beads I have ever seen. They’re massive. The sellers are all so friendly and they really appreciate a bit of haggling as well. Yesterday I was out at St. Ouen, which is basically a city of antique shops, and today I was at Vanves.



I walked from Notre Dame to the Eiffel Tower….two days in a row. Today while I was at a cafe enroute, enjoying a coffee, 4000 roller bladers came past. Each Sunday they get together and blade around Paris. Even the police were on blades. It was so cool.

Roller Bladers

Then this afternoon I parked myself on the grass at Champs de Mars and lay there looking up at La Tour Eiffel. It was a lovely, sunny day and I think I have a few freckles to show for it. The place was packed and I didn’t even bother to go up the tower. I’d still be in the queue now! You might not be able to tell from the photo but there are about a million people (ok, maybe a slight exaggeration) on that tower. And another two million standing under it. I’m surprised it doesn’t fall over.

La Tour

The metro is the best way to get around Paris, and I really love it. So many people-watching opportunities. This little sticker, which is on every train door, was troubling me. Mainly because I’ve not seen any rabbits on the metro yet, and if they are there I doubt they can read. It just seems like a rather brutal image which sends me the message that the doors are electrified and make sure when you take your rabbit (wearing yellow pyjamas) on the metro you know where his fingers are at all times. Hey hang on a minute! Rabbits don’t even have fingers, let alone hands.

Watch your fingers

There are of course many ways to get around Paris, in addition to roller blading, metro and walking. I was considering taking a boat trip along the Seine…until I saw this. Not my idea of fun.

Sardines R Us

The shopping is great, but it’s not been my focus this time. I’m really enjoying walking around and soaking up all that Paris has to offer. In fact the name of this shop says it all…;-)


Last but not least. The handbag I bought the other day. Picture included for Danette. 🙂

Anna Kaszer Handbag

One response to “Flea Markets and Lots of Walking

  • Danette Darbonne

    Bonjour Melanie,
    It sounds like a great time, especially the flea markets. I love some of your finds and I hope there are many more. Maybe some will appear in your Etsy shops? Thanks for posting the picture of the bag. It looks like the perfect size to take on shopping trips. I can’t believe the number of tourists this time of year, but then, who wouldn’t want to go to Paris at anytime?
    au revoir,

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