Crazy Busy Time

After the tranquility of Paris, I was in shock for a while after leaving France and going to the UK. I think I am operating on adrenaline right now.

5.45am Paris – woke up and got ready to leave, had breakfast, packed bag, raced out door.

7.15am Paris – on metro to Opera station to catch airport bus

8am Paris – Roissybus to airport

9am  Paris – check in for flight, am told it ‘might’ depart, not sure, depends which way the ash is flowing

10.30am Paris – flight takes off an hour late but at least it takes off

12 noon Birmingham – arrive, take taxi to Stratford on Avon

1pm Stratford – wandering around Stratford looking for a restaurant for our group of 18 people

1.30 Stratford – group arrives, have lunch

2.45 Stratford – finally get into room, change

3pm Stratford – bus back into Birmingham for kick off meeting

6pm Birmingham – off to dinner with the team in downtown Birmingham

11.30pm Stratford – finally get to bed!

One response to “Crazy Busy Time

  • Danette Darbonne

    Traveling can be very hard on one. I hope you get the chance to take good care of yourself so you can get back and list those lovely things in your Etsy store. I can’t wait to see 🙂
    P.S. Enjoy the UK. They have great flea markets there too!

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