Scenes from Stratford-Upon-Avon

Shakespeare’s old home town is a lovely little village. I haven’t had much spare time during daylight hours to have a look around, but today we finished a bit earlier than usual and I was able to take advantage of a perfect spring day in England. I decided to take a walk along the canal where I have been running in the mornings…  

It looks tranquil enough, but the canal water is putrid. Filthy...hence the swan which follows.

I think it's something in the water...this swan is not looking too good.

As I walked further I started to think this was in fact a poison canal. I mean, there aren't even any fish in there. And that's not all...

What's need to look out for dogs depositing firey droppings. I hear it is quite a hazard if you step on one if you're wearing polyester...


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