Magical Evening in Paris

I’ll preface this little story by saying that upon leaving England today I had a roaring throat infection, I was shattered from a week of not enough sleep and I was really over the whole place. It happens like that sometimes with these shows. That said, it was a very successful mission and I was with a great group of people and we had some fun times.

The moment I arrived in Paris the grin returned to my face and I felt at home once again. Even the stinking hot bus with no air con did not bother me. I was back in Paris! My hosts were not due until at least 6.30pm so I had an hour or so to kill. And what better place to kill it than a little corner restaurant.

I sat down, my suitcase taking up one chair. The waiter kindly brought out the menu and propped it against a car parked nearby. I made my choice, some rose and the ‘platter’. The rose was as it should be – crisp and cold. The platter came out and it looked  enough to feed two, and I  knew I could not eat it all but I was happy just the same.

There was a little pot of something, in a mini cast iron cassoulet pot. The waiter asked me if I knew what it was, and I said yes it’s aligot – a heart-attack inducing mix of mashed potato, cheese and garlic. It’s like a thick mousse and is just divine. The platter also included a nice blue cheese, another cheese, cornichons; different cuts of meat, and bread.

As I was eating, a strange thing happened. I might have been the look of rapture on my face, but  one old lady stopped by me and wished me a bon appetit. Quite a few peopel gave me admiring glances, both at me happily eating and my food. I was taking a photo of the dish and another lady walked past and asked me (with a twinkle in her eye) if I was taking her picture.

Then the guy with the car-cum-menu-stand came back and I went to collect the menu (it was a big blackboard) and he insisted I finish my meal, and in fact he sat in a nearby chair and had a drink.

Then as I was sitting enjoying the last of my wine, my host came walking down the street. We said hello, had a chat and then she took one of my bags ahead with her. I finished my wine and went home.

A big storm hit later and cooled everything down…I think it will be cooler later in the week.

The Platter


3 responses to “Magical Evening in Paris

  • Danette Darbonne

    OMG! You get to go back to Paris again?! Do you really think that’s fair? 🙂
    Au Revoir,

  • Sue

    Hey Gorgeous Girl!
    Thinking of you from here in Harmers Haven. Got home on Saturday and COOKED FOOD for myself and your uncle Mark; no cafe in Paris for us, worst luck. Took Mark home today and had lunch at chez Heather. Needless to say, plenty of talk too. Sorry I don’t have my mobile or I would call or text you. When do you arrive in Melb’n? Hope to catch up very soon. xo Sue

  • Laura

    I’m loving living vicariously through reading your blog. What a great evening! It’s good to know I am not the only person who takes photos of my food at restaurants 🙂

    The Aligot sounds heavenly. I am making a note of it in my journal for things to do and see and experience when I am able to travel again. Thanks for sharing!

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