Today in Paris

I had quite a busy day today….when I look back on all the things I did I was everywhere! I finally did a bit of shopping; back to my favourite bag shop for another bag (bigger) and two tops. I spied another bag in another shop and I might just go back there tomorrow and get it. It sounds like I buy a lot of bags, and I need another bag like I need a hole in the head, but the last time I bought a bag(s) was two years ago, last time I visited Paris. So really, I am a bag binger 😉

I was planning to go to Versailles tomorrow but I don’t think I could handle the long day…I need another quiet day of museums and shops to get over this cold. Shame about that 😉 Plus there is another clothing shop I need to visit again for a 2nd look. I did manage to get to Sephora today…most female visitors to Paris know of Sephora. Though there were a few men in there as well, with long shopping lists 🙂

Here are some photos from my adventures today. You’ll gather that I spent most of my photography time in a museum. It was the Musee Cognacq Jay, which houses a large collection of 18th century decorative arts.

2 responses to “Today in Paris

  • Danette Darbonne

    Beautiful pics…I hope you get over your cold. Will you have time to visit Versailles? I am a bag binger too!
    Au Revoir,

  • Melanie Dooley

    Thanks, I think the cold is going…or it’s just all the pills I’ve been taking. I will see how I feel in the morning (Friday)…re:Versailles. I do need to buy another bag to put all my bags in…I think my suitcqse is about to burst!

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