Thursday in Paris

No photos today because I left the camera battery in the charger, in my room. I’ll blame the cold for that one!

For lovers of jewelry go to the Museum of Decorative Arts. It’s just near the Louvre, is smaller and seemed very quiet, but has an amazing collection of jewelry from all periods. Of particular interest to me was the 18th century jewelry…major swoon factor! The collection from the 17th century through to the late 20th century is very comprehensive. As well there is an amazing collection of furniture and decorative arts, with whole rooms from the 18th century reproduced inside the museum.

The rest of my day involved walking around in the rain (not good for the cold), buying another bag and having a fantastic quiche Lorraine for lunch. With the inclement weather I headed out to La Defense where there is a huge shopping centre – I needed somewhere dry and warm. I now have a sore back from carrying shopping. Add to the list a few tops, a multitude of bath gels and related goodies.

I’d really like to get out to Versailles tomorrow. But I am a bit over crowds and pushing and jostling. I may just opt for one more day of being a wanderer around the back streets of Paris.

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