tsaP – a poem

*.. tsaP ..*

It’s not confusion

Because it’s clarity

Clear and bright

Like a light

Showing you the way

To the next step

The path ahead

To what comes after

What has already been

What is already done

Beyond the Past


3 responses to “tsaP – a poem

  • Debbie

    Hi Melanie,
    I sent you a message before, though you didn’t respond. Maybe I sounded too scary – really, I’m just a woman trying to find my creative life again. I am missing you blog. I recently had my first 2 jewelry making classes, one was simply making wire connections and the other was lost wax casting – which was a 3 day retreat in northern California! I loved it. Your creativeness inspires me so please keep it up. Debbie

    • Melanie Dooley

      Hey Debbie, thanks for commenting. I hope to be blogging again soon – have had a busy few months with a few weeks of overseas travel, a guest from the USA for a month then moving house. I have lots of goodies lined up for new creations in the coming weeks. I’m glad to know you are inspired by my work – it means a lot. XO

  • Danette Darbonne

    Hi Melanie,
    I was just checking in to see if anything is new. I have to second what Debbie said. I miss you too and hope you’re back soon!
    Au Revoir,

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