Coming out of hibernation

I have been in a sort of creative hibernation for a while. A hiatus of sorts, while moving house and changing a lot of things in my life. It’s all good now, great in fact, and now I am bringing my creating things out for some new designs. 

I have a thing for Whitby jet and shell cameo. It’s my favourite combination of materials in jewelry. I have quite a few pieces now and have been coveting these for some new designs. 

Whitby and Shell


 I don’t have a great work surface right now so it’s a little difficult to spend too much time making things, but I have plans for an ironing board which I think will become a new workbench 🙂 I did finish some earrings and a necklace last night and will continue on with some other pieces tonight. 

Treasure Pot Necklace


Treasure Pot uses beautiful orange garnets, antique book chain and a lovely, petite French powder puff pot which has a little mirror inside. It is without its original powder but could be handy to store other essentials. It will be listed for sale on my Etsy Shop Atelier de Talaru

I wanted to share some old artwork I made. It’s winter here and I miss the flowering trees. I made this artwork a few years ago after taking my camera around in spring once everything came into flower. I love the blue sky in these pictures. 



I love bees, so much in fact that I have one tattooed on my wrist. Here is a small collection of bee-themed goodies I’ve collected ready for new designs. I’m not sure if any of these will make it for sale though 🙂 

Busy Bee

 Larimar is such a divine stone. Its colour is the lightest but deepest blue you can imagine, just like a Caribbean sky. It is quiet rare and relatively expensive, but worth evey cent to make into beautiful earrings like these.

Crystal and Larimar Earrings

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