New Designs: Mourning, Garnets and Georgian Paste

I’ve slowed down on my jewelry designing – I’ll write more about why later ūüėČ But I had a few hours spare last night and made a few new pieces.

I bought some lovely trillion cut garnets which are such an unusual shape and very striking when set into a necklace. These are teamed beautifully with a circa mid-1900s Victorian Vulcanite locket. The chain for this necklace comes from an old French pocket watch chain Рthe links are solid silver and quite substantial Рonrnate but not over the top for this design.

Another necklace combines a very old Georgian-era (this one dates to the early 1800s) paste hair brooch and a lovely old Victorian compass charm made from Whitby jet. The compass still works! These rare components are combined simply with antique French silver chain and hand-wrapped garnets. The clasp is lovely Рone of my exclusive Georgian swan solid silver S clasps with a ring of tiny labradorite rounds and antique mother of pearl.

The third necklace is made from one of my exclusive silver swag connectors onto which I have loaded lots of treasures Рpetite crystal chain, a lustrous creamy pearl and a Victorian-era pendant in the form of a book, made from Whitby jet, and embellished with an antique shell cameo. The centrepiece connects to antique crystal links and delicate aged silver round link chain.

There’s a definite theme of black and Victoriana going on here – matte black and cream and silver, with a hint of sparkly crystals and paste. The sort of jewelry you can wear out, or in a more informal setting.¬†

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