A New Design – Treasure Bracelets

I’ve been wanting to make charm (or ‘treasure’, as I call them) bracelets for ages. But it took me a while to find the right sort of bracelet base from which to create. I finally did find one, and had it cast into solid sterling silver.

My first design features lovely pink and red gemstones and pearls, along with solid silver charms and vintage rhinestones.

The great  thing about this design is that I can custom-make the bracelet according to the theme and colours requested by customers. Maybe you prefer blues or yellows to the pinks? For sale at L’Atelier de Talaru.

Treasure Bracelet

As well I finally got to make a necklace from some pieces I had been coveting for a while – a lovely old 1900 Paris souvenir book locket and a great matching find, a French fleur de Lys brooch. These two items came together really well in this necklace. I used antique French pocket watch chain which has little gold stars on the links. I kept the rest of it simple, with different cream and pink-hued pearls and little round rubies.

Paris 1900

Paris 1900

 And keeping to the Paris, France theme, I also have a new necklace design in my shop – it’s called ‘Paris 1931’ and uses a solid silver medal cast from an original souvenir medallion from the 1931 World Exposition held in Paris. The medal is incredibly detailed and just stunning. The necklace is for sale in my shop.

Paris 1931

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