Happy with my new body…

I’ve been looking for an antique dress form for ages – they are great for displaying and photographing jewelry. Here in Australia the antique ones are very, very expensive. I saw some lovely old ones last weekend, from France, and they were priced at $1200-$1400. I’ve seen less impressive torsos in the antique markets for around $300-$500…but still this was more than I wanted to pay.

I’ve experimented with all sorts of props for my photos and displays – old jewelry boxes work wonderfully, as do old papers and letters. But nothing beats the look of a necklace when it hangs to give a customer the best idea of how it will look when worn.

I was sure I could find something cheaper and just as effective. I didn’t want plastic or synthetic materials. My searching came to fruition yesterday when I found a place just 5 minutes from my work – they sell all manner of mannequins and dressmaker’s forms, and their ‘French Shape’ dress display was perfect for me. I’ll put some full length photos up soon, but for $140 she was a bargain. She is in hard foam with a soft jersey fabric cover and oak stand – she has the old look about her, sans stains, without the antique price.

My New Body

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