Georgian Jewelry Obsession

I will happily admit I really really love Georgian-era jewelry. I often buy pieces, like a pendant or bracelet clasp, and bring it back to life with the addition of pearls, chain or gemstones. Here are some recent pieces – I’ve had the pendants for some time and only recently added the pearls and chain. The necklace with the strings of seed pearls has a Georgian hair clasp at the back – where woven hair has been set into a little clasp. I used 9ct gold crimp covers and the pearls are strung on fine beading wire.

Georgian Loveliness

More Georgian Loveliness

Georgian Lovelies Ensemble

I also put together some really old Georgian elements to make a charm necklace. I love the little coral tassel – it’s so precious. I also added a very old fob seal which has a tiny forget-me-not carved into it, and a small mourning pendant I bought in Paris. The mother of pearl bird and the chain is from France.

Georgian Charm Necklace

Georgian Charm Necklace

One final item I am working on bringing back to life is this truly stunning Georgian-era peacock bracelet clasp. It might have once been a necklace or choker clasp but I intend to turn it into a bracelet. I am looking for some amethyst stones for the 6 strands, but another idea I am throwing around is black seed pearls or black spinel beads. I usually use white or cream pearls for such pieces but this one is really dramatic and needs something different and understated so that the clasp is not over-shadowed. Once done I will post pics here.

Peacock clasp

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