Christmas Creativity

I love Christmas – though I do not usually get too involved in the real traditions of a tree, decorating a house and so on. I used to put up a real tree, which my cat loved – she thought it was her personal plaything and spent hours trying to remove the decorations I carefully put on the tree.

It’s often hot here on Christmas Day so we inevitably (and enviably) end up at the beach, having a champagne breakfast by the sea, laying low from sweltering heat and drinking too much champagne for the weather.

It is also a time when I feel most creative and bring out my glues, paints, ribbons and papers and start making artworks. I don’t know what it is about the festive season that brings on this burst of creativity. It’s nice though.

This year I am making some of the gifts I will give. I do like to go shopping as well, but loathe the shopping centre crowds. I’ve bought a few gifts off Etsy – it’s nice to support artists and artisans and get a unique gift at the same time.

Here are some pics of the creations I’ve completed so far, along with a new bracelet for my shop, and some new necklaces for me (it’s Christmas all year around when you are a jewelry designer!).

I’m also very excited to be expecting some amazing 19th century French engravings of decorative arts samples. It’s hard to describe them in words – some pics are below. I intend to scan the originals and do some fabric designs, use them for teeshirts and possibly also handbound books. The possibilities are endless and the original images are very rare and precious. Something to keep me busy over the Christmas vacation and beyond.

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