Gothique Collection is Growing

My new collection at L’Atelier de Talaru, Gothique, is growing with new designs added today. I’m really loving this collection. It combines seriously meaningful pieces from the past with a bit of a Goth edge for wearing today. Each design is unique and quite dramatic.

The nature of the old mourning pieces makes them ideal for a Gothique inspired collection – lots of subdued black things made from horn, jet and vulcanite. Typical gemstones used in mourning jewelry were garnets, pearls, amethysts adn turquoise. I’m yet to work with turquoise, as it’s not my favourite stone, but I have some other stones in turquoise hues (larimar and angelite) which look great. Rubies also go well with the old Victorian designs.

This necklace utilises a stunning vulcanite cross. It’s incredibly ornate, with grapes and ivy wrapped around it. I made the neckalce from garnets and little pearls, with some nice detail at the clasp. And that baroque flameball pearl is amazing – looks a bit like a drop of blood. Very vampy.

Gothique Cross Necklace

The necklace below is a real treasure. It’s for my personal collection. It has an amazing hand pendant, carved from mother of pearl and dating to about 1760. I’m considering having it cast into silver, but am afraid it might be damaged. I’ll get some advice on that before I proceed.

Georgian Hand Necklace


I’ve also made these earrings from antique crystal buttons, black rhinestone ball beads and black trillion shaped spinel beads.

Black Ice Earrings

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