Curioser & Curioser

I bought this interesting ‘thing’ from an antique dealer in Paris. It was described as a ‘porte rameau’ – I really don’t know what that means – well ‘porte’ means a carrier or holder for something. But I have no idea what a ‘rameau’ is.

Anyway, it was a transaction conducted via email, and the item was described as being about 2oo grams and in brass.

I received this item in the post the other week and I found it to be in solid silver. It is really stunning and I am thinking about what I can attach to it so I can hang it on a wall. It’s just divine – way too big to use in jewelry. Here are some pics. Maybe someone knows what it is for?

2 responses to “Curioser & Curioser

  • Danette Darbonne

    Bonjour Melanie,
    “Rameau” is a French, masculine noun meaning: branch. It looks like the bird has branches in its mouth. Could this have been used to hold up a painting with the branches or to hold up something else? Just guessing.
    Au Revoir,

  • Melanie Dooley

    Hi Danette, well you are right about what ‘rameau’ translates to, and yes it is a branch in the bird’s beak. But there are two holes in the branch which seem to be for something to be hung from. Probably not another branch, but I think it’s a religious piece, so maybe some sort of reliquary or something. Maybe I’ll never know 🙂

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