New Year, New Treasures and a Trip to the USA

I took a bit of a break from designing over the festive season and spent time with friends and family. I decided to take up sketching, and bought some pencils and a sketch pad. Suffice to say I have a long way to go. I’d like to combine sketching with collage to make artworks – but I may need to take a few classes in ‘how to draw’ because I am quite hopeless at it.

I did visit a few flea markets and antique fairs over the holidays and bought some nice prints and other treasures. I also have a little collection of goodies to use in new jewelry designs. I’ve will dedicate one day this weekend to new designs. I still have to put together my Georgian peacock bracelet, and I have some other lovely things to make into new designs.

New Year's Goodies

Napoleonic Prisioner of War Ivory Hand Pendant

Egyptian Revival Sacrab Brooch


Antique French Crowned Fleur de Lys Thingy


And last but not least is the news that Brendan and I are planning a trip to the States for later this year. Most likely it will be around September time, we’re nto sure yet. We want to fly into New York City and then travel down along the coastal states to Florida. We’ll have a few nights in Santa Monica or somewhere on the way home and also visit my friend Lauren in Baltimore. So it will be about three weeks in total and I need to research the best flea markets and antique stores to visit along the way. Brendan loves to browse the markets as much as I do so antiquing and photographing will be the main activities on this trip.

Hopefully my lovely readers and customers can give me some tips on the best places to go.

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