Treasures Old and New

I went to a local flea market on the weekend – one of my faves for finding eclectic treasures. You can spend a few hours there, wandering around looking at furniture, jewelry, books, prints, artworks, clothing and more. I wasn’t after anything in particular – I always believe that if you set off looking only for one or two things you will miss other things sitting right in front of you. This theory rang true when I saw this wallpaper sample book in one stall. It was priced well and I did not hesitate to buy it – it’s a real treasure with hundreds of sheets of wallpaper and borders dating to 1939. There is all manner of textured papers, decorative borders and printed papers inside – to buy the equivalent in loose sheets would cost hundreds of dollars. I’ll be listing some lots of the paper in my shop Miscellany de Talaru, along with other antique letters and ephemera.

I also took some time over the weekend to make some new jewelry. Most of the pieces pictured will be for sale in my shop Atelier de Talaru, once I get a chance to take some good photos. I really love the picture lockets, for which I’ve used my own original designs inside. The book locket necklace is quite special – with an antique Lourdes book locket and a Victorian sweetheart birdie brooch as the main components.

I also made myself a bracelet. I used a Victorian silver name brooch with the name ‘Minnie’. Minnie is the nickname my father had for me when I was a little girl, and he still calls me ‘Min’ today. I really love the bracelet and its sentimental value.

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