Why Do We Create?

I’ve been working on a whole new line of jewelry over the past few weeks. I’m casting images into resin and making necklaces, bracelet, earrings and rings. I’m using never-before-used-by-me materials like leather, silk and plated metals. These pieces are mainly for the local markets, which need lower-priced pieces alongside my regular designs.

So, this venture (or, re-venture – I experimented with resin a few years ago when I just started out making jewelry) into new designs is quite ‘full-on’ – I really love making the artwork for the designs – I use Photoshop and am quite proficient at it. Working out sizing, focus, quality, colour etc is a challenge. I can use all my favourite things like old letters and prints to create a new design. Setting them in resin is a b*tch (more error than trial at the moment), and then putting it all together into something that I hope someone else will love.

So it got me to thinking – why do I do it? Where am I heading with this? Is it just a hobby or something more? I look at what I’ve achieved simply by doing this part time (maybe a few hours a day, two days a week) and I just wonder what I could do if I devoted myself to it fulltime???


I’m not an overly materialistic person. I like the ambience of things, but I don’t need things. I like how things inspire me to create – an old book, a once-loved brooch, a piece of fabric woven by hand 200 years ago. There are stories in these things. And I want to re-tell those stories. To let people know that there is more than ‘right here – right now’.

I love progress, gadgets, technology. But these things simply make it easier to operate in the ‘essential world’. The ‘existential world’ is where we need to focus our attention.

I was thinking about where I drew inspiration and encouragement to continue to create, explore and express.

I credit these two ‘forces’ more than anything else:

My friend Lauren, whose work opened up a new solar system for me.


Red Bubble – a safe place where I first displayed my work, got good feedback and created more…and more…and more.

And here I am today…at a crossroads.

I turn 42 next week. I think I also need to turn over a new leaf 🙂

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