Busy busy busy….markets, moving house and travel planning.

WOW, has life suddenly got a lot busier lately?!?!?

I’m in the process of moving house – my third home in a year. Brendan bought a lovely apartment overlooking the bay, not far from the city centre. So I’m moving in there from my place which is about 10 mins down the road. I have a lot of stuff in storage on the outskirts of town which I am moving to a new storage facility near my new home.

The market season is about to start – I have the Hawthorn Craft Market on Sunday 6th March, and then the Revolver Upstairs market the following Thursday. I’m launching my new range of  ‘everyday’ jewelry at these markets. Hawthorn will also feature my antique assemblage designs, but Revolver is a younger crowd, where I will sell only my everyday range which is quite modern, funky and a bit alternative.

I’ve been busily resin-ing things, metal stamping, experimenting – I’ll take some photos this weekend and post them here. I have invitations to a number of other markets but I’m not wanting to over-do it at the moment. I could do a few markets each week but then I’d be exhausted from also working a full-time job.

I’m off to Sydney for a week’s work in early May, then to Germany in mid-May for a week’s work. We will take a few weeks holiday in Paris at the end of May, and plan a longer trip to the States for early 2012.

My mum just got back from a three week trip to Ethiopia – she loved it. I was there in 1997 and told her she would love it – she did!

I bought this strange contraption the other day. It’s a little printing kit, for a child I think, and it comes from France. I think it would be a great thing for an artist or mixed media person – I will list it in Miscellany de Talaru soon.

Printing Kit


Printing Kit

And one of the new lines I am working on are these sweet rings made from antique French tokens. The tokens were used in casinos, at dance halls and in bistrots and pubs. I think they have a lot of character and make for a unique and quirky ring. I also use the tokens as tags and pendants on my necklace designs.

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