Finally Getting Organised

I have moved many times in my life, but this time it seems to be a lot more hard work than any other time in the past. Maybe I am just getting older 😉

But there’s only a little bit to go and then I can get to work on designing again. Our new place is small, and I have a dedicated work desk for the first time since I started designing jewelry. Seems incredible to have achieved what I have achieved without ever having had a real work desk or studio. I still dream of a special room, just for me, where everything can be out and there to inspire, ready for creating. For now this is where it all happens…


Our new place has lovely views out across the bay – the weather is still quite warm and we can open the doors on each end of the apartment and enjoy natural air conditioning. There are some lovely cliff-side walks just across the road, safe swimming beaches, lots of great restaurants nearby, and a train station just down the road with less than half an hour to anywhere we’d ever want to go.

Bedroom Views

I have been doing a little bit of designing for Vulticulus Adorn – this is where I sell my everyday range and it has done very well at local markets. The next market is on 3rd April and I’m looking forward to bringing more new designs to new customers.

Time Capsule Pendant Necklace

In the meantime we are having fun decorating the apartment – mixing my vintage style with Brendan’s modern retro  style. It works well 🙂 We’re also looking forward to an evening when we can just plonk on the couch and read a magazine or book.

Scales and Cyclamen

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