Faffing on the weekend

My job has become so busy lately I cannot see an end to it until June. You know the feeling? When you look at your desk and have no idea of what you have to do next, or indeed next after that as well. I’ve never been one to panic about such things…my job is all about meeting deadlines and having to change tack in an instant when some other ’emergency’ crops up. I just adapt and carry on, and do what I can. During the week I am hyper organised – a former boss once described me as the most organised person he’d ever worked with. Such organisational ability is very exhausting. I get really tired by Friday and just love to look forward to retreating to our apartment and ‘faffing’ as we call it.

I’m telling you this so you can understand why, on weekends, I just love to create and potter. I’m not involved in any sports, clubs or groups. I hate having obligations on weekends (other than my monthly craft market). I don’t mind a walk or a visit to the markets on a Sunday, but the rest of the weekend is a fluid experience that just becomes what it becomes when the time feels right to do whatever feels right.

Today I picked up the camera and played around with posing some new designs and other things. Here are the results.

18th Century Peacock Bracelet

I wrote a few weeks ago about this 18th century bracelet or necklace clasp that I bought. I finally strung it this weekend. I used amethyst gemstones (my birthstone) which work well with the purple enamel. The clasp is from the late 1700s-early 1800s. I can just see a lady dressed in a lovely aubergine silk gown with this clasp at her neck, strung with creamy pearls.

Time Capsule Necklaces

My time capsule necklaces are very popular at the craft market where I sell once a month. I use real 18th century text or letters and set them into glass capsules. They look great in person, and it is hard to capture their personality in a photo.

I decided to lay out some of my earrings and photograph them. I wear earrings like this every day…and I wear my necklaces and bracelets as well. They probably seem quite lavish to many people, but why have them if you won’t wear them?

Ear Baubles

I’m working on some new necklace designs and these lovely ladies popped in for a visit…

Hmmmm, what are these ladies up to

Elegant ladies

Charmed...Im sure

I wrote a few weeks ago about this stunning enamel brooch I was able to buy from one of my suppliers in France. I finally made it into a necklace and here it is. The enameling is just amazing.

The Necklace

'The Necklace'

Lots of creating to come

More creating to come


2 responses to “Faffing on the weekend

  • Danette Darbonne

    Hi Melanie,
    I am still surprised at how much you are able to do in addition to your job.
    Antique Enamel is my favorite medium in the world. I picked up a great book which explores the history and value of the jewelry. It’s called “Antique Enameled Jewelry” by Dale Reeves Nicholls. Maybe you want to get if off Amazon and you could read through it while you’re faffing.
    I love the ladies and the time capsule necklaces and everything else!
    Au Revoir

  • Denise Solsrud

    it’s a happy day, when i see that you have put up a recent blog. can’t get enuf.it amazes me all the ancient goodies that you are so fortunate to find. i tend to be drawn to small treasures. at times when friends and i take a day to antique(which never can do it that often)more than once someone will comment, follow Denise, she seems to find the the itsy bitsy treasures. they look for larger things and i seem to be very satisfied with small. would love to see you with your jewels on. those ladies are incredible as are the bracelet and small items. these items you make, do you save them for your monthly sales? people must clammer to your booth each month. thank you for the fun times you give us. Bestest,Denise

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