Hello from Heidelberg

I’m in Heidelberg, Germany for a week and was lucky enough to have the day off on Sunday to explore and sightsee. Strangely, after flying 24 hours and being on the go and awake for nearly 40 hours, with only 3 hours sleep, I felt fine and had no jetlag. The only problem I had from the flight was that my feet swelled up terribly; they looked like hotdogs on the ends of my legs. The swelling went down after the first night here.

We visited the old castle yesterday and then had dinner at a local restaurant, which was set in a very olf building with much of the original 18th century decor in place. I really loved this chandelier.

Inspiring Decor

Before I first came to Germany a few years ago I never thought much of German food. It’s just not one of those cuisines that has a big profile in Australia, but I was pleasantly surprised and have been again. The Germans in general are very health conscious and you can always expect a good balanced selection of fresh food. That being said, below is the lunch we had yesterday…


The weather is cool but not too rainy or unpleasant. Work is good, learning lots and meeting lots of people. Below are some pics of Heidelb erg. There is a lovely Old Town where there are little winding streets and old buildings.

Heidelberg City



2 responses to “Hello from Heidelberg

  • Denise Solsrud

    what i good life. even tho, it is work, it is something you love to do. they say,if you love what you do, it is never a dull day. and you are lucky. enjoy life. Bestest,Denise

  • Danette Darbonne

    Thank you for sharing your adventures. The pictures are beautiful. Many good things (and people) are German! Can’t wait until you get to Paris!
    Au Revoir,

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