Could you possibly get sick of Paris?

Well after a week there we were ready to leave and yesterday picked up a car and headed south. We got through a lot in Paris and I managed to collect about 5 pairs of shoes, three handbags and a lovely scarf along the way. Let alone lots of gorgeous treasures to show you all once I get home. It really is the ‘brocante’ season, with not only multiple large brocantes in Paris, along with local street trash n treasure markets, but nearly every little town outside Paris that we’ve been through is also having a brocante.

I’ve been quite impressed by the price of things in Paris this time around. Of course you can spend a fortune on not much at all, but for general eating and drinking it has been fairly reasonable, with 20Euro a head for a nice 2-3 course lunch and wine. We visited the catacombs, the museum of the Middle Ages, wandered back streets and alleyways and spent a lot of time just taking in the atmosphere and relaxing. My fave area is still the Marais, closely followed by St. Germain.

We left yesterday (Saturday) and our plan was to reach La Rochelle, on the west coast, last night but we ended up stopping along the way at the Chateau de Chambord. Do yourself a favour and go there if you are ever in France. It was one of, if not the, most stunning castles I’ve ever been to. It was built by Francois 1st in the 1600s. His symbol is the little dragon breathing fire (actually, it’s a salamander) that you see in some of the pieces I sell and make. It was a buzz to walk around and see this little salamander on ceilings and walls and doors.

The drive from Orleans to Tours was so beautiful, along the Loire valley and all the beautiful little towns you pass by. Next time in France I think we will spend more time in this area.

It’s been hard to keep in touch because the internet in our apartment was not working and I was not inclined to carry my laptop around Paris looking for Wifi. The iPhone was OK, though again, finding free wifi in Paris proved quite difficult. Besides, we were too busy sightseeing and having fun 😉

Chateau Chambord


Salamanders at Chambord


The daughter of Marie Antoinette, at Chambord.


Isle de Re

One response to “Could you possibly get sick of Paris?

  • Denise Solsrud

    no, i don’t think and am almost sure that i could never get sick if paris. but, seeing i will never get there, i am satisfied to live thru your blog. can’t wait until you arrive home and can show us some goodies. Bestest,Denise

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