A Flood of Creativity

Well it’s just a trickle right now but I need a flood to make use of all the beautiful treasures I have on hand to make new designs. I’ve got some lovely items I picked up in France last month, and also a few other things I’ve been holding onto for a while now. I’ve got some great, rare mirror pendants, power puff pendants, book lockets and fabulous chains. All waiting for assemblage into a new treasure.

I’m working on a new line of super LUXE designs, using very old and rare focal pieces with top grade gemstones and findings. I can’t even describe this amazing pendant I have for the LUXE line, with an early 1800s woman’s portrait on ivory on one side and a hand painted decorative watch face on the other – so unusual and special. These will be mainly in gold and gold plate, and are true heirloom pieces. They’re another month or so away yet, but stay tuned…

I’ll have more time for creating in the latter half of this year, since my major work commitments are finally over. I still have to go to work 😉 but the travelling and exhausting workload is gone for now.

One thing is frustrating me at the moment and that is the lack of good light, now it’s winter. On weeknights I get home in the dark and can only take photos on the weekend, and even then the light just does not seem the same as it is in summer. I have a flash and use inside lighting but nothing quite equates to good natural light.

It hasn’t stopped the creating, and below are some pics of necklaces and earrings I just listed at L’Atelier de Talaru

Book Lockets & Mirror Pendants

New Earrings

One response to “A Flood of Creativity

  • Denise Solsrud

    winter??????????? oh my gosh, we have abarely gotten our summer. and before you know it, winter will be rolling in. our weather in wisconsin has not been the norm. but then again,all weather in the states is challaging. fires,tornados, floods etc. i have a neice and daughter who narrowly escaped death in burmingham,ala. loe your new items and i can just imagine all the creative juices that you store in your brain. cannot wait until i can come back and order my loves:) Bestest,Denise

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