Designer’s Apathy???

This might be a bit controversial … but I will say it anyway. I think there is a lot of designer’s apathy out there. Year-in, year-out, designers bring out the same sort of things. There’s no excitement, no surprise. Are they really designers?

I don’t think I have the answers, but I know one thing. As soon as I discover something new and exciting, I am so motivated to adapt techniques and styles to my own designs, I can’t stop thinking about it. I’ve been laying in bed this past week, waking at 5am, just thinking how I can use some new techniques I learned. I have a box full of precious items ready to transform and assemble. Inspiration is everywhere. It could be a postcard, a piece of fabric, a pair of earrings or the texture of the ceiling of a restaurant I am in. INSPIRATION ABOUNDS.

My jewelry designs will soon take a whole new direction…but maybe not. They will be different, but they will be familiar. If that makes sense.

I look back to designers who inspired me when I started out designing a few years ago, and they’re still making the same stuff. I’m not excited. Are they excited? I hope so, but I think not. It seems sometimes like the weight of expectation and their own celebrity has killed their creativity. Seems like…

I’ve got bucket loads of new gemstones coming in – a major investment. New findings, new colours, textures, styles. Maybe it’s just my personal renaissance.

I’m excited. We bought a new house yesterday – I’ll have my own designing room for the first time ever. It’s the one design decision I can’t make right now – how to set out my new room. Where to put the prints, the old letters, the strands, the reels of chain.

Until then, it’s like a little eruption of creativity. It might seem quiet with me at the moment, but give me a month and wait and see.

4 responses to “Designer’s Apathy???

  • Danette Darbonne

    Dear Melanie,
    I am so happy for you. I use my studio constantly even if only to be in my own little world. I have recently opened a store for my own handmade designs. It’s been a major leap of faith. I can’t wait to see your new designs. I already know I’ll love them!
    Au Revoir,

  • Debbie

    Congratulations on your new house and designing room. I have just moved into my own workroom as well and am sharing the perplexing problem of where to put things! I want it to feel completely inspiring.
    I concur on your observation of apathy…I recently browsed multiple shops in Santa Monica and LA (where I nearly bumped into Yoko Ono) looking to see where my jewelry line might fit…I was disappointed with most of what I saw. Nothing really grabbed me and made me say “I have to have that” or “make that” or that “inspires me”. Good luck coming up with a new direction…I continue to admire you and will watch to see what happens!
    Btw, leaving for Paris on Saturday. Au Revoir, Debbie

  • Denise Solsrud

    all right, that’s wonderful and congrats on purchasing a new home. now your juices will certainly flow, realizing that will take some time to nest in. i can wait,because i know i will love and appreciate what you design. Bestest,Denise

  • Melanie Dooley

    Hey Debbie, sorry for the late reply, you’ll be in Paris now. Enjoy! I hope it’s everything you want and more!!

    Denise, Danette, thank you as well. You are always so supportive and kind to respond to my rambling blog posts. 🙂

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