Luxe de Talaru Has Arrived!

I’ve been plotting and planning a luxury range of designs for some time now. I’ve bought up wonderful high grade gemstone beads, gold chains and findings, diamond elements, quality pearls and other luxurious bits and pieces to create this new collection. It differs from my previous designs (which I will continue to make) in that I am bringing higher grade gems and gold plated chains and findings into the designs. I’ve used precious and semi-precious gemstones for years, but this time I am using AAA and AAAA grade gems – the sparkle, clarity and colour is like nothing you’ve seen before.

Inspiration for these designs comes from many things – my recent trip to France, characters from history, the ocean I see from my apartment each day. I am challenging myself, using components I’ve not tried to work with before – Ammonite fossils, turquoise, vermeil (24k gold plated silver), massive London Blue Topaz, a rainbow array of AA-AAAA gemstone beads, and even diamonds! I am still waiting on many of the supplies to arrive, but I made a start this weekend with some introductory designs. I have many more designs conceptualised and sketched out, ready for the making.

Luxe de Talaru is in some small way a celebration of having my first ever studio – we move house in just a few weeks and I will finally have room to spread out and be inspired through having all my stones, findings and other bits and bobs out around me. Thus far I’ve worked at a small table, with all my beads and stones in four hard plastic bead trays, with chains and bigger items stashed in boxes stored all over the house.

Here is some of what I made this weekend. Note: I really do need to improve my photos of these designs, and I have a light tent ready to set up in my new house.

Primordiale necklace

Aquitane Stacking Bracelets

Goldenberry Earrings

I’ve not forgotten my roots. I’ve been hoarding some amazing antique focal pieces, for when my full set of supplies arrives. Amongst the treasures are some very rare antique French mirror lockets and pendants…a working early 19th century solid gold lady’s pocket watch, some lava cameo brooches ripe for transforming…and much more 🙂

I’m still making my Vulticulus Adorn range, which offers affordable pieces with a vintage vibe.

Time Capsule Necklace

One response to “Luxe de Talaru Has Arrived!

  • Denise Solsrud

    oh how thrilling!!! i am absolutely ecstatic for you. look out world,she is going to knock of your socks again. how can one person get better n’ better? can you tell i love anything that she is inspired to make? take a look. Bestest to you. Denise

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